The Coronavirus Antibody Wristband

The Covid-19 Immunity Wristband for people with the coronavirus antibody. Announce your superpower.

Tracking Free Covid-19 antibody awareness 

Front and Back of the covid immunity band.

Covid-19 #ImmunityBand


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Front of Wristband: +Covid-19+

Back of Wristband: #ImmunityBand

The Covid-19 Immunity WristBand


The need for social distancing from the recent Coronavirus epidemic has caused devastation in the global economy. While Doctors and Research Scientists around the word work to develop a vaccine for Covid-19, we have an inexpensive solution available today. If you have recovered from the Coronavirus or ultimately are given the vaccine, you have the antibody. Doctors agree the likelihood of becoming infected again is incredibly rare. While additional research is being conducted, we believe that obtaining the Covid-19 antibody will greatly reduce the chances of a second occurrence.   


We decided that if we knew who had the Covid-19 antibody, we would be comfortable interacting with those individuals. It needed to be a simple solution that could be created and distributed quickly. A brightly colored, clearly printed wristband was the solution we were looking for. Easily seen from a distance alerting individuals that an area is potentially safer. Let the world know you’re not shedding the disease by wearing a Coronavirus Immunity Band. The simple, no tech, no tracking solution that can be used today. The Corona wristband does not replace smart social distancing, hand washing and avoiding touching your face.

Show the World Your Immunity

Tired of being afraid to interact? 
What if you could tell from a distance if an individual has the Covid-19 antibody, letting you know they will not spread the coronavirus.
We have the solution. Wearing our bright green immunity wristband will tell the world you are safe and back in business.
For under $7 you can assure the people around you, that you are not spreading Covid-19. An invaluable added measure of security when you return to work, go shopping or out to eat at your favorite local restaurant.

Government and Tech Tracking Free

There is no shortage of understandable concern that government mandated Immunity Cards with a digital registry is a very invasive solution. What else will the data be used for after we overcome the current disaster and a vaccine is available? Do we want Apple, Google or another company to have this data. While it will be used for good, ultimately this data becomes part of your digital profile. Our solution is “user driven”, you decide to wear your band, not the government. We do not ask who will be wearing the band and do not keep a database besides standard purchasing data, secured by PayPal. They process all sales with their world renown bank level encryption.


Backside of the coronavirus wristband. Covid-19 Immunity band.

Show Your Antibody

Have recovered from a confirmed case of Coronavirus or have had tested positive for the Covid-19 antibody. No data tracking or government registration. Display your antibody and be comfortable returning to work. Please follow all local, state and federal regulation while wearing your corona wristband.


While our family was confined to our home due to Covid-19 we started talking about what it would take to return to school and work. First we discussed technology and medical advancements but those could take months or maybe years. We came up with a simple, inexpensive solution to put people at ease.

Shipping and Donation

There is no shipping charge when you order your immunity band(s). Order ship within 48 hours and are sent via 1st Class USPS. A donation is made for every wristband sold. Donations will benefit Covid-19 charities.

Our Product

All wristbands are made in the USA. They are waterproof and should be worn at all times. They are purposely made in a highly visible color and embossed with Covid-19 Immunity Band for ease of identification from more than the recommended 6 foot distancing. A simple solution to a global problem.

Can an honor system work? 

What is our alternative besides coming together and doing the right thing for the good of all people. Ideas like Uber and AirBNB were written off long before they succeeded. The question was always about trust. This is life and death. I have no question that we can trust people to only wear a coronavirus immunity wristband when they have been tested for the antibody (tested positive for Covid-19 in the last six months). 


On wrist front-side of the standard coronavirus silicon band.

Covid-19 #ImmunityBand


($0.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A donation is made for every Covid-19 Immunity wristband sold to benefit Coronavirus charities. Shipping is Free. 

Message to "Competitors", "Knock-offs" and "Copy-Cats"


We want and need as many companies and manufacturers as possible to produce, distribute and sell Covid Immunity Bands. We ask that you copy these bands in the exact color, text and design. If you can produce and sell these cheaper, PLEASE DO. The better and wider this product is sold and distributed the better for everyone. This concept is potentially to powerful for us to worry about selling all the immunity bands that are needed in the world. If you need the exact color codes to produce bands, let us know by contacting us here. We can also send you to producers and offer any other help we can to sell or give-away bands to individuals with the Coronavirus antibody.

Open Source Specs for the Covid-19 Immunity Band

Imprint Color: Red

Band Color: Lime Green

PMS: Lime Green 375 - Hex 53da3f - Type: Solid

Font: Arial Black

Front Message: + Covid-19 +

Back Message: #ImmunityBand

Please contact us with any ideas to improve distribution of the Covid wristband. We are open to partnerships, reselling and exchanging website promotion.


 Order Coronavirus Wristbands for your team. If members of your team have recovered from Covid-19 or have tested positive for the Covid-19 antibody, this simple solution will put employees and customers at ease. When a vaccine becomes available, your customers will know that they are safe in your place of business with the Covid-19 Immunity Band on your employees.

Get back to work and with The Covid-19 Immunity Band.

The corona wristband. Show your covid antibody with the immunity band.

10 Corona Wristbands for business

Covid-19 #ImmunityBand


($0.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Put people at ease. If members of your team have the Covid-19 antibody, get them the Immunity Band today. Following all local, state and federal laws along with wearing the Corona Wristband will help speed us back to work and play. Free Shipping.

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Covid Immunity Band is a Powerful Tool - Not a Cure

HELP DON'T HURT: The Covid-19 Immunity Band has NOT been developed by doctors or healthcare professionals. This is in NO WAY A CURE for Covid-19. This is a safe, effective, digital-tracking free wearable. Anyone wearing the Coronavirus immunity band without having had a confirmed case of Covid-19 or confirming a positive antibody test is endangering anyone near them. This will lead to worsening our current situation, further damaging our economy and potentially killing people.  Our belief is that appropriate use of this product on a large scale will dramatically flatten the curve and speed the economic recover.  Join our mission and show your superpower.