The Coronavirus Antibody Wristband

The Covid Immunity WristBand Team

This is a family developed community concept to get the world back to work and play. The concept organized around a family dinner table while we are locked down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are not Doctors or Scientists. The concept is based on trust and people doing what's best for their community. This is an under $7 solutions to a trillion dollar problem. No fear of government ot corporate tracking. No one will be forced to wear a device or install an app on their smartphone.  We are open to not-for-profit partnership and encourage cheaper providers to get involved selling Covid-19 immunity bands. Regardless of our involvement. All we would hope from other sellers or interested not-for-profits is that the band design remain the same. If we can create a universally accepted design and encourage mass distribution, we will have done everything we set out to do.

Join Our Mission! Whether you're wearing the Covid-19 Immunity band to get back to a more normal life, reselling or producing Coronavirus bracelets for a profit, working with a not-for-profit raising funds or just want to help the world. We embrace and encourage everyone helping to get our mission spread around the world. Please share our page and our message on Social Media.

CoVid-19 Immunity Band FAQs

Original design for open standard Coronavirus immunity wristband.

What is the standard color of the Coronavirus wristband?

The Covid Immunity Band should be Lime Green with Red printed text. The text reads Covid-19 (front), #ImmuntyBand (back). The wristband is brightly colored and clearly marked to allow people to notice your band from beyond the recommended social distancing limits.

Do your Covid bands have bluetooth or other electronic tracking?

No. Absolutely Not. Our bands are specifically designed to beat the electronic tracking of a government issued immunity card or the rollout of smartphone tracking from Apple and Google. There is no reason to further give away our private information and location to stop the spread of Covid-19.

How can a silicon wristband be "open sourced"?

The design, text, color codes are all posted on the website. We will not try to trademark or copyright either the brand or the design. The concept of the immunity band is far more effective as its more widely used and recognized.  We only ask that you stick as closely as possible to the original design. Otherwise, please feel free to sell the for profit or fundraising.

Are transactions safe? Do you keep a database of users?

All transactions occur off our website through PayPal. PayPal is not the cheapest or most convenient processor BUT we believe them to be the most secure. Our website does not capture purchaser data or do we ask for the persons name who has gotten the Covid-19 antibody or vaccine. The only data we keep are email addresses of individuals that join our mailing list, ask us questions through the contact page or purchase Covid wristbands through this site.

How do I contact the Covid Immunity Band team?

Reach us through our contact page here, we do our best to respond to all requests and questions within 48 hours. We are working out of our garage. Please be patient. We ship orders within 48 hours. Please give 7-10 days to receive your immunity bands.